Friends survive together with My Little Pony armaments!

By Zombie Hunter Sam

MLP AA12 shotgun

Just becuase the world has gone to hell, and everyone dresses in black doesn’t mean your weapons have to! Sure, zombie/ infected green is all the rage these days for foregrips, scopes, triggers and even bullets. But define  your weapon from your buddy by adding a little magical friendship style! The above My Little Pony themed AA-12 shotgun is designed by Bad Panda 2.


If hard-to-acquire fantasy shotguns aren’t your sort of deal, perhaps you can paint a nice Rainbow Dash color scheme on your mossberg!


Need something a bit more tactical or pointy? You can always try a spiffy “My Little Carbine” Glambo signature series. Design from parody website GlamGuns.


One mustn’t forget that tactical attachments, such as chainsaws, also need to be MLP’d out! Try the OMG AR-15 Unicorn! Shoot and chop those zombies with bright white and pink glee!

Stay safe, aim for the head and remember, friendship is magic!

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