Zombies Drive up Gun Sales

By Zombie Hunter Sam

Have you bought a gun recently? Was your purchase due to a fear of, or preparation for, zombies?

Sound off in the comments below. You’re not alone.

Hornady makes zombie ammunition, Mossberg produces zombie themed shotguns, and Magpul makes zombie themed accessories. Boom, instant three way morale boost!

According to the FBI, background checks for gun registrations are way up this Black Friday from last years. The amount and availability of zombie ammo, gun accessories and actual zombie themed guns is also increasing, coupled with a fear of 2012 and a possible zombie apocalypse in just a few weeks.

Photo from SlickGuns.com

Zombies A Factor In Gun Sales Increase, Gun Rights Advocate Says (Huffington Post)

The Undead Report makes zombie permits. Do you have yours yet?

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Open for business: Zero infected

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