8 Days until TEOTWAWKI, 8 Crazy Ways to Meet Our Doom

By Zombie Hunter Sam


With just eight long days left until SHTF of our oncoming Mayan Apocalypse, how might we meet it? Will the setting solstice sun of 2012 be the final Baktun? The fifth age of man? Will we all die, or will it usher in a great awakening of hearts and minds (hopefully not to zombie jaws)?

Way back in 2007 this website was created to report on zombies and entertain the possibility of a zombie apocalypse in 2012. That time is well nigh at hand.

There are many ways we could all go out. With a bang from an asteroid, or with a whimper as we try to moan through the noise of zombies chewing flesh. In the spirit of the end times, here’s a list of how we could all die, as listed in the news recently.

It’s all true.



asteroid-threat-global-action-plan-101109-028 – Asteroid. Thankfully, we just missed this one a few days ago. Hopefully no tiny rocks were hiding behind it.

3-mile-wide asteroid to buzz planet Earth tonight (Dec 11)




Hurricane Sandy satellite image7 – Weather. Of course the east coast of the US was terribly ravaged by Super Storm Sandy, so for some, this apocalypse is right now, and ongoing recovery efforts are underway.

Why no hurricane warnings for Sandy?





6 – Plague. Time to don your long black coats and giant beak masks filled with potpourri.

Christmas cruise turns into ‘plague ship’ after norovirus outbreak




mushroom-cloud-original5 – Nukes. Countries are still a bit touchy these days (Israel, Palestine, Iran, North Korea, USA). Where is that trusty button, and have we counted our stockpile lately? Let’s do an inventory just to be sure we have them all. Please don’t stick any nukes on a drone or we’ll get our Robopocalypse out of this one as well.

US Cold War plans for ‘full nuclear response’ revealed


the-rapture-dreamscene-org-gallery-free-dreamscenes-loops-965804 – The Rapture. Harold Camping may have been right, but God might be operating from the Mayan calendar instead of the Jewish one. Or the Gregorian one. He’s funny like that. Let’s hope that we preppers have not sold our house, stocked up enough and left some money to live by in case it all blows over, as some of Campings followers failed to do.

Impending Apocalypse Similar to Harold Camping’s May 21 “Rapture”; Likely Another Failed Prediction

earth-eating_black_hole3 – Particle Accelerator. So what happens when the science we make gets a bit out of hand Mr. Bigglesworth? People DIE! Micro Black Holes and strangelets aren’t exactly conducive to life.

The safety of the LHC



I_Want_To_Believe_012 – UFOs. I’m a firm believer that given the time span and size of the Universe, life must exist. After millions of years, it may possess the power to reach us, perhaps conquer us. UFO sightings are certainly up this month.

‘UFOs’ spotted over San Francisco, Brooklyn

Denver UFOs (Or Flying Insects) Still Have The Mile-High City Abuzz

Sri Lankans panic over UFO sightings… or lights from Mars?


super-scary-zombies there1 – ZOMBIES.

5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

CDC – Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response: Zombies

Higgs zombies? CERN students make ‘scientist fiction’ film in Large Hadron Collider

Maybe we should ask a zombie about the Mayans

‘Zombie Apocalypse’ preppers await real-life ‘Walking Dead’ scenario

Long Island Man Shoots Girlfriend After She Dismisses His Belief That Zombie Apocalypse Might Happen

The zombies are fictional: the science is real 

The Zombie Apocalypse 21 Day Countdown

2012 and the Zombie Apocalypse



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