Zombie Outbreak Plan for the Texan

By vince

Texas Zombie Killin

This week, reader Vince from Texas writes in with his plan and pack details. I encourage my readers to send me their tips, objectives, plans and local information from around the US and the world.

Not every zombie plan will work in every situation; one must factor land, environment, urban density, weather, supplies, infection rate and more. If you’re in the north, bring warm weather gear. If  you’re running across Texas, you’ll need a lot more water, varmint hunting gear and sunscreen.


Escape Austin, TX during high infestation period

Solitary travel 380 miles on foot through countryside

Reach family at end of journey and fortify

If family gone or dead Go to plan B.


  • Paul Tawrell’s – Camping & Wilderness Survival 2nd edition
  • plastic bags X4, box of 20 zip lock bags
  • hunting knife, diving knife, fillet knife, pocket knife
  • machete
  • Leatherman(multitool)
  • sharpening stone
  • 100 ft. polyethane rope
  • magnesium flint striker
  • 300 yd. 10lb. fishing line on spool
  • hooks
  • single lense binocular
  • 2nd pair hiking boots and clothes in waterproof bag
  • cotton gloves, leather gloves
  • composition notepads X2, pens X3
  • fishnet
  • camouflage body paint
  • canteen X2 with distilling tablets X10
  • watch
  • compass
  • maps- Austin streets, Texas highways, Texas topographical/landmark, hiking trails of Texas
  • windable LED flashlight
  • MRE X12
  • 20 Gauge shells X120
  • 20 Gauge Remington
  • And next year when I turn 21 a handgun.
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • First Aid Kit- needle and thread, gauze, ace bandages, Neosporin, alcohol pads, small bottle of peroxide, etc.
  • Night vision goggles with extra batteries
  • Soap
  • Two way radio, with extra batteries
  • Sharpie X3

Pack Explanation

I highly suggest reading Paul Tawrell’s survival book. It covers predicting weather patterns, how to interpret a river’s current, how to hunt, how to trap, what to pack, identifying plants and animals, maps and compasses, navigation, how to build a cooking fire, how to build a campfire, how to start a fire with no tools, first aid, cooking, kayaking, surviving the elements, how to build a shelter, how to build a boat, how and when to travel, improvised bug repellents, and everything in between.

Always carry multiple knives as well as a way to sharpen them. Always be able to tell the time, and KNOW WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN. Darkness is never your friend. Keep guns clean or they will eventually stop working, or jam at the most inappropriate time. Carry plastic bags to use for collecting wild edibles, or keeping bugs off of meat you may get from game. Keep zip lock bags for the same reason. Magnesium flint strikers have about 3,000 sparks in them, work when they are wet, and the sparks are hotter than a lighter flame. Invest in a windable flashlight. When the battery dies down, just wind it up. I would suggest a normal flashlight over an LED only because the brighter the light the easier you are to see, but its preference really. I don’t plan on using it much so I use an LED.

I only packed 12 MRE to save a little weight. The MREs are like emergency food for when I can’t find wild edible or game to eat. I am an experienced deer, duck, and squirrel hunter, and I am a good fisher so I should survive.

Night vision and flashlights are for emergency only. You never know what the future holds so save batteries. Say I use the night vision to travel at night instead of the day, then when I get to my family and they are all gone and took the supplies or are dead then an emergency happens at night and I need them? I’m fucked because I wasted the batteries.

Never assume you can figure out a map and compass. Know how or else you will be lost in the woods, or limited to road travel which can be risky. Knowing how to use a map and compass lets you know how far away you are from resources like natural shelter, food, water, or dangerous areas like cities.

I chose a 20-gauge shotgun because the combined weight of the guns and ammo is substantially less than a 12-gauge, but retains a good kill range. It is also somewhat quieter than a rifle or 12-guage, and easier to handle because it has very little kick to it. On the downside the ammo is harder to find, but in my case I never plan on returning to a city, where the gun would be really needed, once I escape it.

Occasionally flip on your two way and scan all the channels. During an apocalypse communication with military personnel or reclaimer groups could be useful. Always carry a sharpie especially when in the cities. Write on walls, doors, highways, sidewalks, or street signs. Write down useful tips for other wanders. If you want to join groups leave notes of where you are going, were supplies are, if the city up ahead is gridlocked, warn of over infestation, warn of bridges out, or point to good safe zones for others to take a break. I would appreciate finding helpful suggestions every now and then, and am more than happy to leave some for others.

When fleeing an infested area you will more than likely have to kill your fair share of zombies, which means you will probably get blood on you. So, wear gloves, long socks, glasses, hat, long sleeves, and handkerchief around your neck. Carry a second set of clothes so when you are done fleeing you can dump your blood drenched clothes and have something clean to wear. Also, carry soap. A clean body is a happy body.

Morale is a huge factor in survival. If you lose the will to live you will lose your life. One way to keep morale up is to keep a journal, draw pictures, maps, or anything with pen and paper. Keeping track of everything you do will keep you going, as well as help discover patterns. If you document every zombie encounter and read them all over once in a while you may discover things about them or yourself you didn’t know. Such things like you should watch your back more, zombies are sneaky, zombies have bad eyesight, zombies have bad hearing, or zombies only live for about 2 weeks. Since no one knows how zombies are actually going to act or function, having a detailed psych analyses, habit analyses, physical analyses will help you determine exactly the enemy you are facing. We cannot rely on stereotypes in modern entertainment to accurately display zombies. It will be up to us as individuals to determine these facts. Also, if you complete a composition, memorize it then leave it behind. Hopefully your 50 pages of observations will aid others who come across it. I would suggest buying brightly colored ones and leaving them enclosed in something until done with it. That way other survivors who happen through the area can easily identify it, and always label it. I chose ZOMBIE ANALYSIS: IF YOU FIND ME READ ME. So when the apocalypse happens and you find a bright yellow or green composition book with that title, you’re welcome.

Lastly I suggest going to a library and reading books on how to sew, tie knots, detailed instructions on first aid, and any other miscellaneous info that you may need during an apocalypse and practice it all. Knowledge is life, and repetition is the father of learning. Suggested reading: Boy Scout Handbook, Air force pilot handbook(kind of hard to find), Sewing books, Nursing books, Plant Identification books, Animal Identification books, Tracking animals books, Nutrition & Diet books, Psychological Analysis books(how to observe mental stability in others, yourself, and zombies), Physical therapy books, and lock picking books. If you come across a locked door there is probably something useful inside. Remember PRACTICE!

The Plan

First Outbreak (nation) – pack goes from closet to truck, within 100ft of me at all times.

First Outbreak (Local) – This is a single account in the city. Something small that could be controlled. If it is not controlled then it moves on to the next step in the plan. I call in to work, fortify 2nd floor apartment, and warn everyone of the disaster to come!

City Overrun Begins – Set out on foot during next available sunrise. Leaving midday could leave you in the suburbs in the dark, and that is obviously a bad idea. I will have gun in hand, but any local law enforcement or survivors will understand why I have a gun by this point, if there are any left. Stay on small neighborhood roads, and make no attempt to contact or recruit. Going through backyard would be safer until a scared survivor misjudges you and boom your dead. Once out of the city head away from civilization toward family.

380 mile travel – I will travel on small highways, no interstates, stopping only for water or the occasional game I may use for food. Travel stops 3 hours before sundown. First hour is used to head away from the highway. Second hour is used to cook and move further away from the highway, and where you cooked (smoke as well as food smell could give you away). Third hour is used to camouflage a sleeping spot. This continues day in and day out until I arrive at destination.

My Apocalypse Theories


I highly doubt that the actual “undead” zombie could function. My research leads me to believe that a “rabid” zombie is more likely. They will have lower intelligence levels than normal, but can still understand basic concepts like doors, noise, urban vs. rural areas, and other easy concepts. My theory on surviving them is hiding. If they can’t see me or signs that I am around such as fire, backpack, etc. they will not find me. That is why I suggest the Air force pilot’s handbook. It is for when a pilot ejects over hostile territory and goes into great detail on natural camouflage and improvised equipment. If they do find me I will treat them as any other person attacking me. One to the chest, and if that doesn’t work then one to the head.

Other survivors

Check on no one. Help no one. Any help I have to offer is done during the first local outbreak, if they didn’t listen the first time their screwed not me. Avoid everyone no matter what. People are too dangerous in a time like this. They will either steal from me or want to tag along. I have packed enough for myself to survive, not enough for me and the occasional straggler or looter. Tag alongs will ALWAYS get you killed. They are untrained, unprepared, and scared. Fear causes mistakes under pressure. Now having a plan with a group who are prepared, aware, somewhat trained is a different story, but I will be traveling alone so…

My Plan B: When things go bad

My plan B goes into action when either I arrive home and my family is dead or gone, or total overrun occurs. By total overrun I mean no military, no civilization, nothing.

At this point I will have come across a world map during my travel which I will then use to navigate to South America. Somewhere in Brazil probably where there are no people. I feel I could survive in a jungle better than any other type of terrain and maybe 4 or 5 years later head back to check on how the area previously called the US is doing. If my theory of the “living” zombie turns out to be true then each zombie could survive between 1 week and 2 months depending on how fast the virus degrades brain function or the level of brain loss, initial infecting wound size, and how much nutrition they take in via human flesh. These estimates are obviously a long shot, and no were near accurate. This is why I chose to remain in Brazil for about 4 or 5 years, but who knows how long it would take them all to die out before you can return to what use to be home.

Other Thoughts

Personally I would avoid any military personnel in the case of an outbreak. The military, in the case of a nationwide outbreak, would more than likely abandon survivors or exterminate everyone. Gather supplies in small towns only if you are 100% sure you will survive. Entering a large city alone or in small groups could be a devastating mistake. I believe zombies will roam, but only from urban area to urban area. With an instinct to hunt for humans they would probably stay in or near civilization simply because that is where most survivors would stay, and this is the reason I choose to flee the city. But, like I stated earlier this is all just guess work.

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33 million infected

  • 1 PurpleEater May 18, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Great article, Vince! I think everyone on this site shares your view of the rabies-zombie. I do, however, disagree with your idea of running to the jungle. It is extremely difficult to survive in the the jungle, take it from me–I’ve got relatives in Paraguay. If you want to stay in the jungle, you’ll have to have an extremely good water purification system and ready food supply or food plan.
    Besides, you would have to stay somewhat near civilization. Some necessities are only readily found in urban areas. But that’s just my opinion.

  • 2 DK May 18, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    These are all good ideas.

    One point I find disturbing even though is a part of me that agrees is “help no one”. Although dangerous I would be more inclined to help others even after considering the risks (and yes maybe it’ll get us killed). Perhaps this is the family-man in me that’s talking which brings me to another question:

    I’m a dad with 2 young children (3yr,6yr). Does any one have any suggestions on how to stay safe even with young children? Children wouldn’t be too afraid until the actual first encounter with the “undead” because they wouldn’t understand what’s going on and we would be in hiding.

    How do you keep them quiet and calm before the first encounter and then after the first encounter?

    On a scale of 1(unprepared) – 10 (prepared), I’m ready at 5. I have some food (comfort food like cookies, chocolate, candy, canned stuff), water and supplies for a short while but I’ve been unable to think up a scenario where we would actual come out alive.

    Any thoughts?

  • 3 PurpleEater May 20, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    What’s your terrain? It’s probably the most important factor.
    Do you have any family in non-threatening areas? A good car? A ready gas supply?

  • 4 josh May 21, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    dude your to uptite about the apocolypse, if and when it hits then the likley hood of you or me or anybody else dieing is extreme so you might as well live it up and kill some hardcore zombies. because there aint a chance in hell of you repopulating the earth… by then the gene pool will just be to small

  • 5 Doss May 21, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    I think that your taking this whole surviving thing a little to seriously the reality is if theres an apacolypse you arnt going to be able to repopulate the earth do to, to small a gene pool and a empty world isnt much of a life…. so you might as well have some fun on your way out and kick some ass! just sayin… why not have some fun with the zombies while you got’em

  • 6 pluskendall98 May 22, 2010 at 12:26 am

    380miles in what direction i live in the WV so yea we should a meet some where well i work alone but yea it be best to stick together

  • 7 DK May 22, 2010 at 6:44 pm


    I live in the suburbs 1 hour from Montreal. There’s a small population (100k) and the terrain is part farmland, plains and part forest. Our house is probably in the heart of the residential district. My cars are always tanked at least 3/4 full (I gas up regularly) and I have a spare gas canister. There are two main roads that come into town.

    My initial plan would be to hide out in the basement probably in the washroom or bedroom. The windows are easily boarded up and the stairway can be easily blocked off. I think that’s sufficient against any infected but against looters or raiders, that won’t do much good.

    Besides our home we have no cottage nor any other place to go if a disaster would strike. When you’re alone (at least without children) it’s relatively easy to get by but with kids it’s not the same story. Like I said, my current plan is stay inside & try to stay quiet for the first week. After that would be to drive up north and find a farm house where there are very few people.

  • 8 PurpleEater May 23, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    @DK–yeah, it’s probably a good idea to stay put, just for the first few days, probably about two, but remember, boredom is just as terrible an enemy as zombies when it comes to kids. Keep them entertained, and quiet.
    Usually suburbs won’t be as subject to raiding, more likely just mass desertions. On terrain, when you’re moving and if you lose your cars, I would suggest sticking to the plains, and just watch your step if it has fairly tall grasses. That way you could see any zed relatively easily. And if you’re in Montreal, travel northeast.

  • 9 vince May 23, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    purple eater – The area that I will have to travel through is mostly piney woods, or Pine tree forest for you non-texans, and thanks for the “ditch the jungle” tip. After coming up with this plan I decided Brazil was to far to travel anyway. Now most likely I will head to the coast, and find a boat to navigate to a large island like jamaica or hawaii or something like that. and if you are worried about water purification looking into buying/building an ozone filter. At first it may sound complicated, but its actually the best choice for purification.

    Gene Pool concept – honestly Im not worried about starting the human race over. It would be extremely hard to raise children under these circumstances, plus however much I hope to run into a sexy lady along the way it is unlikely that I will once out of immediate danger. Im 20 now and plan to live as long as possible, zombies or no zombies.

    Taking it to seriously – this plan and pack was thrown together in my down time between school and work. I’m a normal person just like the rest of you, however I am preparing for the future… whatever that may be. I have plans for a non-zombie future also, so please don’t clump me in the “crazy conspiracy people” category. It just makes you look dumb to the rest of the people on this site that take serious issues seriously.

    family providers – teach your children. At first they may look at you crazy when you say zombies, but them seeing that you take this seriously will help them follow your lead later if an outbreak happens. Im not saying arm them and turn them into 300 babies, but at least let them know the general idea. Knowledge is the key to life no matter what age. Also help them understand the difference between real zombies and tv zombies. Lastly, pack lots of composition books and crayons because kids have to be kids even in a zombie world.

    Importance of Knowledge – I can’t stress enough how much human survival relies on knowledge. Write down everything you observe or encounter. Writing helps you retain up to 70% more about whatever you write about than not writing it. The psyche depends on knowledge and fresh ideas or concepts to stay strong. You have to exercise your mind just like your body. So don’t be afraid to spend 10 bucks on pens and pads… it may save your life, or someone elses if you leave your writings/tips/maps for someone else to find.

    any more questions or concept to discuss don’t be afraid to post :)

  • 10 Doss May 23, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    he not bashin the idea of apacolypse that would be amazing, just sayin that if your going to go threw with it that while your in the apocolypse you might as well have a good time killin zombies while your at it

  • 11 Doss May 23, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    also have you thaught about the distance between here and hawai/jamaica and once your there the population is still pretty big so you A: lots of zombies B:lots of people who kill people trying to come to there safe little island C: you run across an island that has been deserted by people looking for a safer place and there is a similair problem with the brazil deal… tropical islands= jungle

  • 12 PurpleEater May 24, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Vince-Welcome very much

    On the island thing: i think it would be a good choice, as long as its sustainable, like Jamaica. Personally, i would head to Cuba–anyone who’s been to Florida knows that no one in the US wants to go there, so infestation’s unlikely, unlike Jamaica. The people there are freindly, its just key to stay away from the government :)

    I think that solves the problems Doss. i think…

  • 13 josho123 May 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    To all Undead Report users, if you want to survive, you cant just go rambo and not think about the future of our humanity. Humanity will be based on the knolegable and the most informed people. Its like 1 sniper going against 1000 machine gunners, you have to play it smart avoid close contact at all cost, take few shots and stay stealthy, and conserve your main and most important recources. To restrain humanity from the devils rechid evil of “zombies” is to avoid it at ALL costs. To come in contact with these things that we have no clue how they became this way wether pure evil of the devil or a deathly virus. We need to remain our mind control, our common sense to do what our brains and hearts tell us to do, to restrain peace as our for fallen fathers of our minor wars did. The whole world, every single race, no matter how much people think that you cant get along, its a state of mind “fear” we call it fear of losing jobs to imigrants, that will stop as our humanity begins to desend we will need to build up, and become strong as one world, one nation. Together we need to become one and fight to our imunet, death or can we stop it, stop the one thing over 98% of the world doesn’t know about “The Zombie Apacolypse”. To stay smart and know your surroundings and ban together. To avoid and exterminate those creatures of face of the earth.With the 2% of us who are preparing we can do it.

  • 14 Matt May 25, 2010 at 12:42 am

    Never go to the jungle. If you have never lived in one before nor have the right skill set you will die. Parasites and disease run rampant through the jungle and as the whole people per sq mile there are plenty of places in the Rockies where you could hide out. The risk of developing some sort of infection is way too high especially when there are no medical supplies at hand. Also the amount of poisonous/dangerous creatures there are outstanding, it is almost always wet so it would be difficult to cook your food.

    Also you said that you would spend an hour walking away from the major highways, roads ect. A bit unnecessary, say the average person walks a mile every 15 minutes you’re looking at 4 miles, most likely 2.5-3 after a day of walking. I would say it would be advantageous to be within relative earshot .5-1 mile away in case transport shows up. This is assuming your at a stage of infection where there is still the idea of lawful repercussion (police, military, government ect.) If not then I would agree to distance myself between most people. I would recommend that you shadow any groups on foot for a day or two to get a bearing on the people. This is where the night vision would come in handy. Never come to close especially at night (common sense saves lives) Stay out of gunshot range which for the average person is 75-100 yards for someone with a shotgun or rifle. Shadowing a group would not be difficult and would provide safety. First as a group they are louder and more likely to give their presence away to the infected, and if there on foot they will be sticking to major roads. Make sure to follow them from just behind the tree line at least 200-300 yards behind them at the minimum. If all looks good then make yourself known but do it with caution. Carry a white rag and tie it to a stick, try to show your intent from far away so as not to get shot.

    As for weaponry (everyone’s favorite discussion point) I would be inclined to have a series of weapons. I agree with having several knives, making sure I have a small double action on the inside of my shoe, making sure that it cannot open up by accident. You never know when a simple knife can save your life. Having it in the shoe will be your ace in the hole if you ever get tied up. As for guns, I would start off with a Ruger MKII silenced. This is for the occasional infected on the road or while clearing a building with a few zombies like a home. It’s incredibly quiet, .22 ammunition is in every gun shop and they carry a lot of rounds in their magazines. Also the .22 round will penetrate a skull but not go through the other side. Less blood equals less chance of infection. For the next handgun I would venture into the FN Five-Seven. This is a high powered pistol capable of penetrating body armor. It carries 20+ rounds in the mag, more than any glock or beretta. It has more than enough power to stop anything. If you’re walking on a road and several infected are in the way this would be a good weapon to use. Great range and easy to equip with lights and lasers. The next weapon in the arsenal would be the saiga 12 but not any version, Alliance Armament is creating a custom saiga 12 called the origin. 20 or 30 round drum mag and easy to reload. Single shot or fully auto. It would give you a better chance of surviving than the pump action of a Mossberg 590 (my second shotgun pick). Also as for that ammunition 3″ magnum shells with 000 or 00 buck. That would be my weapon on hand. In my pack I would carry a tactical rifle, something that fires a 7.62 round as opposed to the 5.56. This would be long range 200 yards plus.

    That creates a problem of weight; right now all that weaponry would add up to 40-50 lbs. A standard 3000 cubic inch pack would be enough to hold all the ammo and the rifle and pistols. It would also hold enough food and water for a week but with everything don’t expect your pack to be lighter than 60lbs. If in good shape than carrying that for 30-40 miles a day shouldn’t be much of a problem but if you traveling at that pace don’t expect to be able to bring all the water you’re going to need because you will drink a lot especially if you’re in a warm climate and even if you’re not. Make sure in the pack there are a water filtration kit, either physical or chemical, make sure that it filters biological agents. UV filters are supposed to work and I do trust them but always have a physical filter on hand as well as a good supply of either iodine tabs or some other chemical filtration. Clothes are not important. You will not need more than 1 extra pair of every article of clothes. EXCEPT SOCKS. Bring at least 4-5 pairs of good socks. make sure they are at least ankle socks but preferably they should be the long type. Boots are the next step and they might arguably be the most important part. Make sure that your boots not only have high ankle support but they are light and comfortable. The average boot takes about 50 miles of use before you start to really being to wear them in. Make sure that you can run in them. The survival book the author stated was also a great addition to your pack. Other things that should be added will be listed.
    First aid kit (2 weeks +)
    Any house hold drugs of importance (Advil, antibiotics, painkillers-bargaining ship for trade)
    A radio capable of scanning multiple channels for chatter
    A fold-able shovel tool
    Magnesium flint spark
    At minimum a sleeping bag or hammock tent
    300 yards of 10-12lb pound line with several lures and hooks
    100′ of synthetic rope
    A week’s worth of freeze dried meals (21 freeze dried meals, at least 2,000 calories per meal) include some sort of protein (textured vegetable protein or powdered whey like the workout mixes)
    A small pot and pan mix with at least 1 portable cooking source. (Jet boil or msr reactor stove) you can also use this to sterilize your water.
    An axe
    At least one dry bag to fit the water sensitive materials into
    A handheld GPS (should still work but not sure)
    A hand powered emergency radio
    A hand crank flashlight and a battery powered one (surefire) they make these small light that can literally blind people from hundreds of yards away. This is for when you really need to see what’s going on.
    A set of Gen. 4 night vision (these are incredibly expensive and not really that important, night vision from a camcorder these days will suffice.
    A thermal blanket
    I like the idea of writing everything down so lots of paper/pens would be a good thing. (maybe even some Sudoku to keep your mind sharp+ a few books)
    There are always other things that can be fit into a pack; these are just the things that I would bring. Remember a packs weight should always be 60 percent on the hips and 40 percent on the shoulders. That being said my pack would weight 60-70lbs so I will not be traveling 30-40 miles a day more like 20-25, but hey it’s not like I have to get back to work right? if who/what you’re looking for has made it through the first few weeks they have a much better chance of surviving the next few so never rush things. Hell I might even grab a bike and rig up some sort of camper style rig to hold most of the gear.

    To wrap things up a few bits of advice, remember infected are always going to go where people go so your best bet is to stay away from the obvious sources of help, police hospitals. Go to places where people are few and far between like grave yards or public parks. Remember you are the most important thing now, everything can be left behind, never become attached to any part of your gear. Go with your gut if something feels wrong chances are it is (thanks SAT prep). Keep your back against the wall when clearing buildings alone. If you have to go through a large town or city do it quietly and quickly, never gather supplies from places like that unless you really need to. Practice 360 degree coverage while walking if you have some teammates. Never underestimate the savage nature of man when the lights go out and never lose your civility. If all goes to shit and the world goes under then look at it this way. At least you don’t have to pay anymore taxes.

  • 15 Callum The Survivor May 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Amazing article, so much stuff i would never have thought about. Thanks !

  • 16 Hernan Jun 7, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Okay, You said “If they do find me I will treat them as any other person attacking me. One to the chest, and if that doesn’t work then one to the head.” That is wrong. I’ve been doing research on the Solanum-Virus, or Zombie virus, and it controls the brain with out the use of a heart. The only way to kill a Zombie would be a direct shot to the head and through the brain. And I wouldnt suggest a .20 Gauge, but more of a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun. Although, I would use blades overall because they dont need reloading. Overall, I thought It was good, but walking three hours out of your way? (this is estimating your around houston) After walking back to a small highway—3 hours gone—- Walking for the day——4 hours gone—- Walking away from Highway—-3 hours gone- DAY OVER. Its not very logical to me. I believe just get yourself in a remote area, and bunker down to any attacks, and if the attacks become more frequent. Move. Find People. Find Cover. Keep a cool head- Cut off theirs

  • 17 logan Jun 7, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Well I doubt that solanum is going to be the cause…shit, does that even exist? or is it made up? Well, a headshot would be the way to go. Usually, a head shot will kill a human (not always the case though), and a shot to the chest then the head is just using unnecessary ammo in my opinion.

  • 18 Hernan Jun 8, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    It accually is real they found a beheading chamber with a single corpse that carried the virus. Someone studing it accually came down with it and had to be killed

  • 19 Doss Jun 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    just because the virus operates on the brain for the rest of the body to actually function it needs blood and oxogen no matter how you look at it without the vital organs the body would totally shut down … the body dies the head dies and then the virus dies

  • 20 PurpleEater Jun 24, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    @Hernan–Let me guess…you found that fact on the internet.
    Not to sound like a jerk–sorry if it came across that way–but Max Brooks has said himself that he made the virus up. I believe there is an article on this site about it, actually. Doesn’t it have something to do with tomatoes, or something? Anyway…
    @ Logan–I tend to agree with you: If you can pull off a headshot, then, by all means, go for it. But if a zombie is sprinting at you, then I would be fine with a chest shot. In the more probable outbreak scenarios, zombies are able to be killed by shots to other vital organs, right? So chest shots would work. I think.

  • 21 logan Jun 26, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Hopefully- The only bad thing was if you it wasn’t a killing shot. A man once fell from a roof, and a drill went through his eye and out his ear, but he was fine a couple days later. Shots to the chest don’t always work, but If you can hit the heart, or at least make them stumble, it’s more time for a final kill. Hopefully they’ll feel pain, and won’t be oblivious.

  • 22 PFC Unknown Jul 2, 2010 at 1:35 am

    thats a good plan, of coarse like all plans it isnt perfect, no plan will ever be perfect, (Murphy’s Law). what i will say about the plan is the jungle enviroment is alot harder to survive in then what is thought. Heres why, alot of things in the jungle are venomous, or is harmfull to humans. there are alot of diffrent kinds of spiders ranging in toxicity to humans, same with snakes and other insects. second, the water in jungles are contaminated with parasites, even filtering them out will not completly kill them. living in a jungle that is 90% moist year round could lead to infections if your healthy with no open wounds it is still possible to get infections. third it is easy to get malaria, west nile and other viruses/infections through mosquitos, ticks, and other parasitic creatures.

    jungle survival is a pain in the butt, it takes alot to survive. but i wont say its a stupid idea because if you believe you can survive there, you will. having the mental fortitude is key to surviving.

    good post.

  • 23 Zombie Hunter Sam Jul 8, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Josho: Well put. The best way to avoid becoming a zombie is to work together and avoid those Z’s altogether. The best defense is evasion.

    PFC: Yes, jungle life isn’t exactly the best option. If the Z’s don’t get you, infection, disease, insects and terrible animals certainly will. Good luck to those of you who choose a jungle! Avoid brightly colored plants and animals at all costs.

  • 24 Orange glint Jul 12, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    yea whenever i talk to someone about zombies they always claim they will do what they learned from max brooks and go “raiding” gunstores and mini marts as they make their way to canada. i actually had to laugh at my brother in law who claimed he would weild dual macettes. its like sam always says. this is zombie survival not zombie hunting.

  • 25 josho123 Jul 13, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    Lol i read the book World War Z and it talks about how people went to canada and the zombies froze but unfroze in the spring. It will be so f-ing wierd to see the down fall of humanity! i kinda just want to be in my house and just take out my stairs…

  • 26 joey the hunter Dec 2, 2010 at 7:36 am

    good idea.
    i already have a plan. its similar in a way. im 15 but im very good with guns. my i live on a military base so my chances of getting evacuated are pretty good. but i dont trust the miltary. most likely they’ll come in and exterminate anyone to prevent infection in that area. i have been training for a year and i run al ost every day. im in wrestling so if i have to go hand to biting combat im ready. ii have a 12 guage shotgun. i believe its a remington. my dad has like 300 rounds to mine since he uses it for hunting. i have a travelling bag that will fit at least 6 MREs, roughly 70 shells, a box of ziploc bags, a sharpie(should pack a bit more like vince,)a first aid kit, some skinny jeans, two under armour shits that are tight, soem batteries, a kukri knife, a flint, and some matches along with a sharpening stone i live ner the watr and iam expierienced at using boats. i have another friend who has been training with me. she is not in the best shape, but were working on that. i will also have more supplies im ordering another pack, but after i leave on boat i plan on heading to virginia since its farmland, i have family there, my uncle is a crazed gun freak (NO JOKE HE HAS LIKE 7 GUN SAFE ALL FILLED WITH GUNS. mostly magnums, handguns, and semi automatic weapons. he even has like three M1s.) but after i head to virginia i will go to my familys vacation home in the mountains. the mountain is steep and there is only one trail to get up there. which i plan on barricading. after that hold up for a long while and grow some food. there is already an acre of corn or smoething. and some other berry bushes and apple trees. i could holdout for about 3 months and after that go out and scavenge. i will be bringing survivors in back to the safe house and training them. my uncle is already holding my three ak-47s, some shotguns, at least five handguns, and a crossbow that he bought me last year, so i could use those weapons to help train the survivors.but i will not hold more than 10 survivors, after that i will give them some corn, a clip of ammo, and wish them luck,

    please let me know if this is a good plan, and a good estimate of how long i could live with this plan

  • 27 Undeadgiz Jun 7, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Just found this web page… First I would recommend “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks, “The Zombie Combat Manual” By Roger Ma, “The Anarchist Cookbook” by William Powell… With your training and knowlege you should look into every survival guide or training manual (that you will need to memorize so you don’t have to read on the run). You can find a lot of guides in the city library. The better ones are usually in the “head” shops. I agree with most of your plan, execpt i live in Lubbock,TX. So i’ll have to wait out the first attack, in the school my brother works at. I’m leaning towards getting to the Gulf and sailing for a Island also. I’m going with the chance less or no zombies there…

  • 28 Undeadgiz Jun 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    P.S. I have always belived the zombies will appear, So I guess you can thank of me as a nut…

  • 29 Black Diamond Zombie Hunter Jan 31, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Zombie Survival Tips

    First off all if you are a under age, you might not be able to purchase a weapon. Thats why if a “Zombie Apocalypse” happens, stick with basics like blades, remember they don’t run out of ammunition. With my opinion, I think that long blades such as sword and machetes would work as a starter. Also it would be better to travel in a group, but only in a group that has members that can depend on his or her own. A group can get your back. Also traveling on foot would not me safe, especially alone. Traveling in a truck would be better because it heavier and vehicles can kill Zombies by running them over. I would doubt that they can survive a hit at least 30 miles per hour. Then After the first week you might start to find better weapons such a pistols, rifles, and shotguns. If you are at an age where you can buy a firearm, you might have it easier. If purchasing a firearm buy a pistol that is a 9MM. 9MM’s are easy to find because most pistols are 9MM. Last thing, don’t sit in the basement waiting for superman to save your sorry ass. Go out there and kick some ass, the fastest way to get rid of them is to fight them off. With this saying, I leave you: “Victory does not come without Sacrifice.”

  • 30 Vickie Mar 13, 2012 at 9:41 am

    The biggest problem on my mind is the low water factor. I like the jungle idea. Growing up in the woods, the first thing I learned is that it’s a great place for hiding out and you have more natural resources. Reading all of the library books is also a good suggestion, but I’d personally like to know how to get water in the desert, or figure out how Moses got water out of a rock, because I think that will be our biggest challenge in West Texas. Thanks for sharing.

  • 31 Zachary the slayer Apr 21, 2012 at 10:33 am

    I’m sorry for this negative comment but all the plans are all destined to doom the zombie we havent even encountered one yet it’s an unknown enemy second the zombie is still part human blades will do the job but a blunt weapon could break the back of a zombie no running there you need at least 3-5 people by the end of the month or your screwed and if the people that say bow and arrow come on if the blood is infected you would need disinfectent spray to shoot one arrow and you all are not smart let’s use this blog and we can create groups and don’t lie and tell each other what state so we can create state groups and eventually we can meet up and form the living army and each one of us need to be able to take at least 8 hrs of your Saturday and Take that time to find what your going to do now let’s take in every factor EVERY and give zombies diffent combination of abilities for different senerios and think about weather animals plants cleaning weapons and shock and fear really take some time on it it is very important to revise this plan once a month

  • 32 Zachary the slayer Apr 21, 2012 at 10:34 am

    For me I’m 13 and I have 20 diffent plans I do fine under stress and I live in north texas

  • 33 Eric Jul 22, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Brilliantly written, very helpful and informative, thank you! But I wouldn’t go to the jungle unless you have a lot of knoweldge and practise on how to survive there.

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