April 25th, Chicago: Zombie Pub Crawl.

By Zombie Hunter Sam


Last year, they came for beer. This year is no different.

Watch out Andersonville, next weekend is going to be full of beer/brain hungry undead ghouls on the prowl.  The Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl is produced by by improv group pH Productions. Almost 400 zombies attended the first crawl, wandering the streets of Andersonville into Simon’s, Charlie’s Ale House and Hamburger Mary’s. The 2009 edition promises to be even bigger and better and hopes for even more undead fun. For the unfamiliar, a zombie walk is a group of people usually organized by email or a website who dress like zombies and lumber through town, usually just for fun. Some zombie walks start or finish at cemeteries, and others at pubs.

hungry zombies

Organizers will be rotating zombies in and out of the pubs so 400 of them won’t be lining up trying to grab a beer from one bartender. Sounds like a good idea. As this is a pub crawl, its limited to 21 and up, only. Hey, we adults have to have our zombie preparedness fun, right?

Check out pictures from 2008’s zombie pub crawl.

Click here to read more about the zombie pub crawl, and register for this year!

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