Zombie Walk, Tucson AZ

By Zombie Hunter Sam

Tucson AZ ZombieReader Ryan Matheson recently participated in a Zombie Walk in Tucson, AZ. Zombie walks involve dozens of people with moulage, dress, and mannerisms mimicing that of the undead. While mainly fun gatherings of limited purpose, they allow both observers and participants to react and plan accordingly to such an outbreak of mass panic or rising of the undead, minus of course live firearms and actuall combat.

Ryans writes us the following first-hand insider account of the Tucson Zombie Walk.

On the night of Saturday, October 13th, many citizens of Tucson, Arizona reported a zombie infestation. A large mass of the Undead, or Zombies, were seen near the downtown area.

A bellboy at the Rialto Theatre on Congress St. stated: “well, around 5:30 or so there certainly appeared to be a mass of zombies congregating near our theatre; they were just standing around, moaning, bleeding, etc.” When asked what he thought the cause may be, he responded: “well, they are doing a lot of construction here, digging up old pipes, replacing the 4th Ave. underpass; perhaps that had something to do with it.’

Once darkness had settled over Tucson, it was reported that the zombies began moving en masse to some destination. Many customers at the Café Poca Cosa on Pennington Ave. reported being frightened during their dinner. As one patron reported: “I was there having dinner, the restaurant was filled as per its usual on Saturday night, when we all noticed zombies against the window. I mean, hundreds of zombies scraping at the window, moaning, mumbling about brains. My daughter and I were frightened to death. You could see there were many zombies walking along. After a few minutes most had passed by and the ones against the window seemed to lose interest and move along. Fortunately, none gained access to the restaurant.”

From there it was reported that the undead moved towards the popular 4th Avenue location. They roamed along the sidewalk as a group, limbering, moaning, dragging their feet and dripping much blood. The owner of a candle-shop was unimpressed, and when asked about the infestation replied that it was “just another day on 4th avenue.”

Zombie InfestationAt around 7:30pm the Tucson Police Department became involved, telling the zombies that they must now go back to wherever they came from or face arrest. At this point, the group dismembered (I’m sure he means ‘disbanded’ -Ed.) themselves. Throughout the evening a few zombies remained scattered throughout the 4th avenue and downtown areas drinking beer, playing air hockey, and dancing to electronic music. Nobody was injured or killed during the event, although [it served as an excellent zombie prepardness exercise for those involved and observers].

View the Zombie Walk Tucson photos.

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5 million infected

  • 1 amdrew Jun 27, 2008 at 3:32 am

    i love zombie games and movies

  • 2 Quinn Van Renterghem Oct 27, 2008 at 6:22 am

    i was there, it was great infecting the streets of t town for a night!

  • 3 Stan May 26, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    some kind of zombie RP day would be fun
    but no real weapons, rubber knifes, baseball bats and airsoft guns
    that could be fun

  • 4 Chris H Apr 16, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    well to be honest if i didnt know this was going on i would have shot them all lol

  • 5 Tucson Zombie Walk, LLC Oct 6, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Tucson Zombie Walk 2011
    October 22nd
    Downtown at the Main Library

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