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Zombie hunting permits, stickers and more!

The Undead Report is pleased to produce these unique zombie stickers and targets. Zombie Hunter Sam (owner/operator of this site) is a graphic designer and produces these to further the zombie research of this website.

Make the world a safer place by registering to be a zombie hunter with this permit! If you see any zombies in the area, slap a big warning sticker alerting people to the zombie contagion!


Zombie Hunting Permit Sticker

Zombie HUnting Permit– 3″ x 4″ zombie hunting sticker!
– Great for your car, range bag, bug out bag or ammo can.
– Bright international orange sticker with “double-tap” pictogram.

Price: $0.99

Zombie Warning Area Sticker

WARNING ZOMBIES sticker– 6″ x 9″ zombie warning sticker. It’s huge! Seems federally legit!
– Large sticker warns against biological, nuclear, and chemical zombie hazards.

Price: $1.99

Zombie Hunter Outbreak Pack

Lots of Zombie Stickers

4 of each sticker! Keep your car, ammo box, home and camp registered, or pass one on to a friend!

Price: $9.99



10 of each sticker! 20 stickers in total! Great for a haunted house, zombie laser tag, HvZ, or marking all your stuff. Help support zombie hunters everywhere!

Price: $19.99

Print and Shoot Zombie Targets

Zombie Shooting Targets (3)

Want to practice your aim? Download these awesome print-and-shoot zombie targets! You get three great ghouls: the fat zombie, the scary kid zombie, and the horrifically attractive female zombie!
– Print at home, shoot at the range or with your NERF / Airsoft / BB Guns!
– Black and White 8 1/2″ x 11″
Purchase, download and print today!

Price: $1.99

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The Undead Report Logo

All sticker orders receive free Undead Report logo stickers as well!


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