Zombie in Dunbar


Friday,November 2 I came home from work.I had to go to the bathroom.As I was sitting on the toilet I saw a suspicious shadow in the hallway.I wiped my butt,and then pulled up my pants.I heard something running through the house.I heard a skin to skin slapping.So I got my pistol ready and saw something running outside.So I took off running.As I ran off the porch,my pants fell down and I tripped.I saw something running after me and I hurried up and pulled up my pants.And I started running as I was running through the woods I heard it groaning,so I pulled my gun up and shot but it kept coming.I circled around and ran into my basement and I never saw it again.But as I saw my wife pulling in I saw the creepy figure again.I heard her scream but I took off running.I saw the figure throw my wife on the ground and raped her,well i had to join in on it to.After I was done I shot the figure and I carried my wife back to the house.In the morning I walked out and saw the figure laying there.I called the news and I told them that I shot a zombie.They came And i had a interview with them.And after the interview It was it.The zombie apoclypse is coming.

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  • 1 Trystan Michals Oct 15, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Its Day Z coming to life from a game.

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