Umbrella is real!


I unexepectedly met an Umbrella Corporation bio-weapon while I was cooking supper for my family last night. This creature had the name Project Chaos on it’s shirt and exibited mild intellegence. Apparently going against it’s directives it entered my house through the back door hopelessly drawn to the smell of fried chicken. After stealing my family’s meal the creature left my residence and dissapeared into the night. I have to hand it to Umbrella this thing was packing some fire-power. I can’t say for sure but this creature seemed real and very much alive to me. I was petrified by fear and fortunately had time to snap a picture on my cell phone. Beware the powers that be the world belongs to Umbrella now!

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1 infected

  • 1 Earl Dec 1, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    One last screw from our government

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