No Joke about the Zombies!


No one really knows whats happening to the world or if a zombie apocalypse is real, but the fact is that there is proof of some strange things that have been happening! So I’m pretty sure everyone from this website has already heard about the “Miami zombie attack” that happened a few months ago & even though not much has happened since then there’s still a lot of proof & weird happenings to go on in just 1 year. Now i know that most people from this website just mess around because they think its a joke e.g. “zombieĀ pigeonsĀ – i mean seriously dude, you can tell those photos are photoshopped.

Anyway, to whoever reads this don’t be scared, be prepared! Everybody thinks this is a joke because of all those movies & tv stereotypes but for the people that do believe we’re the ones that will be still alive 2,3,4 etc. months from now when it happens! Now despite the stereotypes movies have taught me 1 thing, that zombies are freaking creepy!…Plus the helpful facts that if you work as a group nothing can go wrong but if theres that 1 idiot that thinks he knows any better to survive i suggest you sit down & talk to him because he’s the retard that is going to kill everyone at the end…

Following on Lots of people believe that the government is behind this but we never know. I saw on some website that some idiot actually wanted to start a zombie apocalypse & only make a cure for himself, & as crazy as that sounds, that was 3 years ago! now if this idiot developed enough resources, information & brains to come up with something like that then i think we should prepare oursleves for what might be coming…

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