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Zombie in a jogging suit

There was a zombie sighted in the south end of louisville ky, it was wearing a jogging suit, it was roaming the streets of a suburb. Before it could be put down it disappeared into the dark or night. All residents of louisville be warned of a class1 to possibly class2 outbreak

zombie outside my house

There was a zombie outside my house. I shot it. who did this I don’t have the faintest clue.

Scary stuff

I was sitting with my brotha tryna eat my poptart when a freakin’ zombie was at my flippin’ door. I screamed and then the zombie was tryna steal my poptart! I was like ” YO!! That’s my poptart!!”


I’ve looked my whole life and I finally found one. I was up in the desert in Nevada when I stumbled upon a set of footprints. I followed them ( as anxiety set in ) and not too long after I saw a line figure in the middle of the friggin desert. I stayed at a distance but could easily make out that the figure was missing fingers! I tried to call out but the man never turned around. After being seriously freaked out I walked back to my car and got the hell outta there.

Grandchildren Zombies!!!

My granddaughter shortly after getting bitten. Luckily she is missing her 2 front teeth so she will have a hard time turning anyone.

Multiple Zombies near Travis Ranch Middle School

I am not kidding you. There were multiple figures heading toward the school. I used my binoculars and saw that 4 of them were missing both eyes, and all of them were missing ears and arms.Eventually, I saw a kid come out of the school, and the zombies grabbed her and took off. I tried following in my car, but ran over a nail and came to a stop. Upon looking at the nail, it looks bloody, and smells of rotten meat. Yuck.

Zombie Bite

I just saw a zombie without a leg attacking an old man in the street in the middle of the night then it bite me I think instill have the bite I’m afraid that I’ll turn into a zombie what should I do, help! The zombie apocalypse is close very close we only have 7 days left next week is our doom be prepared for the zombies.

Cemetery Noise

Near my way home from the library, I decided to cut through the cemetery behind a church. It was at least 7-8 at night, and I was just playing around with a phony spell. When I finally said aloud “I’m Done,” something behind me dropped. It sounded like a rock of some sort, but when I turned around, I saw nothing. Do you think it could be the dead?

My friend was attacked by a ZOMBIE!

My friend Brant Daclenne was attacked and got bit on his arm by a zombie while he was working on his car in his garage.

Another Winchester, MA sighting

I too saw a zombie at the Cemetery. It was bloody, one eye missing and walking toward my friend Jackson