Slow Joe Coffee Mug

By Zombie Hunter Sam

zombie-coffee-slowjoeWant to drink fresh, piping hot zombie brains? Do you care about hand crafted ceramic goodness? Then you’re in luck (kind of)!

Presenting the Slow Joe Zombie Mug, a hand crafted zombie mug of pure gory goodness from Turkey Merck. It features a shiny and lovely bloodshot staring eye, half a missing face, shriveled skin and what appears to be thick black dried delicious coffee dripping from the top of his brains.


All pre-order copies of the mug ($220!) are sold out!

Stay tuned zombie fans. There’s plenty of hand crafted goodness to absorb your passion out there, and there will be more.

h/t: Cnet

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  • 1 Sheila Nov 26, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Will there ever be a re-issue of the Slow Joe coffee mug?

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