Rabies quarantine in Yellowstone County as 13 people exposed

By Zombie Hunter Sam


So you’ve just watched World War Z. Rabies. Still a rapid threat to the human population, and as we all know, you’ll turn into a zombie in twelve seconds. Good thing then, that Billings, MT and Yellowstone County are under quarantine.

Luckily, the culprit animal was non aggressive, so these will be gummy zombies and not bitey zombies.

The state placed the issue on the county after a dog in a Mobile Home Park in Billings began to exhibit non-aggressive symptoms, following its contact with a skunk. On Monday, the dog was diagnosed with rabies. It’s believed the rabies outbreak is isolated to immediate family and friends of the dog, but there is a possibility that loose dogs or other people may have come into contact with the dog.

Luckily, no bites, and a proper animal quarantine are in effect to prevent possible retransmission of the virus. It is not known where the rabid skunk is, or how smelly it may be.

Preparedness! Quarantines! Good to see some pre-emptive action is being taken.

Yellowstone County placed under rabies quarantine

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