3 Fun Ways to (Irresponsibly) Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

By Zombie Hunter Sam


If you’re still eager to await the coming zombie apocalypse, you’re not alone. There are plenty of other people out there with nothing to do but prepare and wait. But preparation doesn’t have to be all spending, canning and hoarding. There are plenty of other ways to prepare for the downfall and eatening. Some are just a little less practical than others.

1 – Humans VS Zombies


It’s springtime again, and colleges are teeming with zombies that need a good putting down. The cold dark days of winter are somewhat behind, and the long, warm days of summer are yet to come. What better time to join Humans VS Zombies and break out the Nerf blasters to team up for survival?

Whether you choose to be a zombie from the start, or prefer to try and survive, it’s a great way to get in some practice. You’ll feel the adrenaline, make rash decisions, and ultimately probably die and then undie. You can’t have a zombie apocalypse when everyone is a survivor.

Student Arvind Narayan recalls,

I decided to drop from the overhang onto the pinestraw underneath me, and jump off the brick wall onto the pavement below it. This was not a good decision.

Feel the rush. Shoot foam.

2 – Video Games


There is a plethora of video games available that feature zombies, are about zombies, or are a zombie mod. DayZ, STALKER, Left 4 Dead, and The Walking Dead games come to mind. Android and iPhone are not left out either. You can get your survival on old-school style with The Organ Trail.

Team up with friends and strangers online and hope that they have your back! Are they trustworthy? Will they use their medkit on you? Can you cut off a survivors leg (or your own) to stop the infection? These are all questions we’ll probably be faced with. Better to face them now, with the option of a save button, than in real life. There is no CTRL+Z in the apocalypse. There is however a CTRL+X…

3 – Movies


Cinema is far from interactive or a simulation, but it does tell stories, present ideas, and look within us all. Some of the best zombie movies may not be zombie movies at all. We don’t need flesh eating monsters in a movie to be zombies. The real horrors are us, as The Walking Dead has proven again and again.

For some non-zombie zombie movies, look no further than pandemic fears, nuclear annihilation, robot uprising, alien takeovers, or even dinosaurs. Can Jurassic Park be an example of an apocalypse movie?

In Jurassic Park, tourists (survivors) are stuck in a remote location (anywhere), surrounded by strange beasts that want to eat them (zombies) that will not stop until they’ve consumed everything. You have survival (in the trees), offense (shotguns), bunkers (the tech center), vehicle pursuits (T-Rex / Jeep), and plenty of eating (raptors).

By the way, that shotgun is an Italian Franchi SPAS 12.

Contagion, Outbreak, and 12 Monkeys take over the world with their viral horrors, reducing population, forcing people to survive, not trust each other, and face a grim reality. There may not be shambling hordes here, but we’re still forced to reckon the opposing forces of an oppressive military force or our neighbors.

Be irresponsible. Have fun. But try to learn a thing or two while you’re vegging out. Besides, we don’t have too long to wait for the new Nerf line, Survarium / Day Z, and World War Z!

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