Hate dysentery? Hate zombies? Survive retro with The Organ Trail!

By Zombie Hunter Sam


If retro gaming has taught me anything, it’s that someone will always die of dysentery. And that someone could have been traded for fuel and food to a roving biker gang. Relive the experience of that classic game “The Oregon Trail” updated for modern times by playing The Organ Trail!


The game has been released for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, so we all get a chance to have fun! After a rather successful Kickstarter campaign, Chicago developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats have taken their smash Flash game and turned it into something amazing.

The update to the old “shoot rabbits and bears” has you now repelling the zombie horde, including horrible zombie bears! The shooting mechanic takes advantage of a touch interface, featuring a slingshot-style control.

Other minigames include avoiding biker gangs, hordes of zombies, and getting in shootouts. You’ll do all this while trekking your trusty station wagon across the US.

Survive the hordes, 8-bit style!

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  • 1 Anthony Jan 30, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    I’d hear about this but these were the first screenshots I got to see! Looks awesome and makes me yearn for the days of Oregon Trail in elementary school.

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