9 Days Left… 9 Greatest Zombie Movies

By Zombie Hunter Sam


Nine more days left until it’s all over. Everything is stocked up and you’re all prepared with a little bit of time to spare. Christmas will be late this year, and you may not see New Year’s. Movie Time.

Here’s a list of nine of the greatest zombie movies of all time. Based on scientific fact, and ordered by due process of law.

Take the time to polish your shotgun, prep your last few hot meals, and go over your bug out bag one more time while having your zombie apocalypse 2012 movie marathon.




shaun-of-the-dead-trio9 – Shaun of the Dead (2004) – Don’t leave your mates behind. And the gun at the Winchester is probably loaded. Let’s get loaded too!





Fido8 – Fido (2006) – What will life be like after the AFTER apocalypse? Why, the idyllic fifties of course. With zombie slaves! And Carrie-Anne Moss!





28-days-later-empty-street-small7 – 28 Days Later (2002) – Helped popularize the fast running viral zombie. Quite accurate.





cherry_darling_planet_terror_grindhouse6 – Planet Terror (2007) – Grindhouse gore to the max! Machine gun leg!





dead-snow5 – Dead Snow (2009) – Nazi Zombies. The two things its politically correct to hate and kill en masse, together at least! Plus Norwegian accents. And gore. So much gore.




billmurray-zombieland-590x3504 – Zombieland (2009) – What will life be like? Just small groups of survivors trying not to hate each other. Also, Bill Murray.





quarantine-05296436_3 – Quarantine (2008) – What will happen if you get locked inside a building? Probably death. Your chances in the apocalypse will in all likelihood be like that of billions of others.




Dawn-dead-2004-122 – Dawn of the Dead (2004) – FAST ZOMBIES. Ving Rhames. Enough said.  We will soon see. It may not be the commercialism commentary the original was, but it has chainsaw busses.




Night-Of-The-Living-Dead-19681 – Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Hope. We you may just make it out alive, as long as your name isn’t Barbara.







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2 million infected

  • 1 ZKD Dec 16, 2012 at 6:58 am

    Hi, I’ve subscribed to this blog for quite some time now, but I wonder why would you recommend Quarantine as a movie to see where its just a Remake that doesn’t really compare to the original, REC.
    Spanish film, very good and intense.
    Check it out

  • 2 Zombie Hunter Sam Dec 16, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Yes, REC is the original, which I’ve yet to see. For shame!

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