4 Pre-Zompocalyptic Days Remain – The 4 Most Famous Zombies

By Zombie Hunter Sam


With just four short days remaining until the apocalypse, it’s time for another countdown. This time, the Undead Report brings you the four most famous zombies.

With a plethora of zombie movies, TV shows, games, novels, and real lifes, it’s rare that a zombie will stand out amongst the horde, much less be memorable. No one says you have to be a nobody simply because you’re dead, or undead.

Fido4 – Fido (Fido)

Fido is the rare treat zombie — domesticated, clean, and an exceptional dancer. In the future when we’ve won the war, zombies will be domesticated and can fill in for absentee husbands.

Fido was loyal, friendly, and took good care of his master, and only ate mean old ladies and bullies. Where can I get one?




tarman-closeup3 – Tarman (Return of the Living Dead)

Ah Tarman, from Return of the Living Dead! He’s the one that popularized brain eating with zombies! Zombies wouldn’t have the notorious lust for brains without Tarman.




braindeadsyringe2 – Mum (Vera Cosgrove) (Dead Alive)

Vera Cosgrove is perhaps the scariest mom zombie of them all. From Peter Jackson’s pre-Lord of the Rings fame, Dead Alive is the bloodiest movie ever made, in terms of blood used by the FX department.

Lionel’s mother is an overbearing awful horrible woman, and her zombie form isn’t much nicer. Besides, she let that SUmatran Rat-Monkey bite go uninfected for so long, something had to be done about it.




thriller1 – Michael Jackson (Thriller)

Was there really a choice? The most famous zombie of all time, is of course, Michael Jackson. There can be no other.



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