2 Final Days – 2 Tenets to survive by

By Zombie Hunter Sam

Zombie Defense Station

With just two days left until disaster strikes, panic might be setting in. Hopefully, you’ve stocked enough guns and beer and are ready, whatever may come.

If you can be prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse, you can be prepared to survive anything. The following tenets reply to daily life, disasters, and of course the zombie apocalypse.

The world is ready and curious to see what will happen. No other eschatological event has had so much interest, preparation, or documentaries. The sheer focus and scale of 2012 is what is so fascinating, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be ready and be prepared with these two simple codes to follow.


DSC_05772 – STAY LOW.

Figuratively and literally, stay low. Avoid crowds, avoid zombies. Swords and guns won’t keep you alive, your wits and guts will. Avoid populated areas like the plague.

If you think you may be approaching a survivor encampment, stay away. If you must approach, use caution and surveillance and keep your guard up.

If you encounter a horde of the undead, remain calm and put distance between you. Distance is your friend and it will keep you alive.

Don’t boast of your accomplishments, your rig or base, your weapons, your friends, or your supplies. Maintain a low, average profile.  You may also not want to dress the part — be average, not a stand out. Use misdirection and incorrect assumptions to your advantage.

Don’t trust your firearm to always work, and don’t trust your edged weapon to remain sharp. Have backups and alternate plans.

Stay low.


511-marathon.jpg1 – KEEP MOVING.

Don’t let your base, homestead, or town become too complacent. Keep moving doesn’t mean you must uproot, but do not let stagnation substitute for progress. Expand your borders.

Don’t stand still. This should be obvious. Keep moving and keep alert, don’t get backed into a corner.

Keep your attention sharp and focused on your surroundings, exits, and what can happen in the near or distant future.

Aim for the head (of course), and if you miss, aim again. If you must snipe, change your position often lest you give it away.

Offer hope and friendly words towards survivors you meet, but maintain your guard.

Stay alive, mentally, morally and physically. Allow time for entertainment and pause.


Stay low, keep moving (and aim for the head).



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