1 Day Left – 1 World Zombie Plan

By Zombie Hunter Sam

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This is it, the moment of truth.

Some of us have been preparing, some hoping, and some fearful of the apocalypse. If history is an example, nothing will happen. Still, the sheer scope of the global interest in the 2012 apocalypse is mind boggling and fascinating.

This website was created way back in 2007, bringing to light and entertaining the possibility of a zombie apocalypse occurring sometime tomorrow. I mentioned stocking up on guns and beer (always a good idea). How did that go? Well, I’ll certainly be drunk for the apocalypse.

2012 and the Zombie Apocalypse

Schools are closed in Michigan in anticipation of (people acting stupid) the apocalypse tomorrow.

I’ve had a fascination with 2012 and zombies for sometime. I created the following digital art posters years ago as a series study related to the end of the world.  Here’s hoping this website (and humans in general) are functioning tomorrow and beyond. Click to embiggen the images.

the sign I web    the sign II web the sign III web  the sign V web

I’ve been fascinated with the 2012 apocalypse mythology for a long time. Many apocalypses are religious in nature, Christian, cult, or otherwise. The mayan apocalypse certainly has its roots in religion, albeit a centuries old pagan Mesoamerican religion. This particular end of the world however, has crept far, far into the secular world, and people are looking and anticipating something to happen, myself included. And that is absolutely fascinating.

All in all, it’s been a good run, and zombies notwithstanding, if we’re all still here in a few days this website will continue to operate, offer interesting zombie culture articles, opinions, and of course, real zombie news. Just because they may not come tomorrow doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared.

So what is that great zombie survival plan? It’s the same plan that gets us through any other day.

1 – HOPE.

Hope for a better world, hope for a world with fewer zombies, or hope that maybe we’ll win the zombie war and crush these mindless meatheads once and for all! Hope that this will all blow over and we’ll get a pint at the winchester. Hope for skillful headshots. Hope for the age of aquarius. The age of zombies. The alien invasion. $20 bucks in the wash.

Viva le resistance.

See you on the other side.



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