Run for Your Lives 5K

By Zombie Hunter Sam

Do you live in the states? Are you in hardcore training mode? Are you a simulation and survivalist junkie? Then get ready to strap on your running shoes, or Five Fingers, and pound the trail escaping from some (almost) real zombies.

Run for your lives will get you trained.

Technically, its a combination 5K / obstacle course, but there’s so much more. Runners wear a flag belt and race through all kinds of terrain and obstacles. Zombies attack a runner by grabbing one of the three flags. If you make it to the finish area with at least one flag — you live! There are also health packs scattered about.

Or if you want to experience survival from the other side, you can be a zombie.

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1 infected

  • 1 Cody Apr 12, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Soundes like the States are finaly doing their job

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