Chicago Zombie Walk – Pub Crawl

By Zombie Hunter Sam


Chicago is about to be invaded by the undead. That’s right, Chicago’s first ever undead preparedness exercise is coming this April. It may not be billed as zombie readiness, but It will be good practice and readiness training. For the unfamiliar, a zombie walk is a group of people usually organized by email or a website who dress like zombies and lumber through town, usually just for fun. Some zombie walks start or finish at cemeteries, and others at pubs. Zombies in the midwest have a known propensity for alcohol laden blood and brains, so this event will take place in several Chicago bars.

Set aside April 26! This Zombie Walk is a pub crawl in Chicago’s northside neighborhood of Andersonville, and takes place from 5pm – 8pm. The zombie pub crawl (21 and over only) is presented by pH Productions at Stage Left Theatre. Registration is $10 and includes a shirt, makeup kit and four tickets to a show. It’s time to dress the part and score some tasty Chicago brains.

More information can be found at

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  • 1 Sam Apr 26, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    I hope to see some of you there tonight!

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